A Sense of Wonder

Breathe the Air...Walk Barefoot on the Sand...Smell the Cedar... See the Windswept Pine...Hear the Owl... Awaken the Soul

Harmony With Nature

The Ottawas called it Waugonawskisa... the French fur traders and missionaries called it  L'Arbre Croche – a massive gnarled tree as a navigation reference.  While that tree of three centuries past is gone, the beauty, the magnificent solitude it identified remains. Still, too, at L'Arbre Croche are the dune’s natural undulations, the birch, pines and ferns, the natural fragrances of  the Northern Michigan woodland. And, of course, the perfect sandy beach meeting the crystal waters of Little Traverse Bay. 

Homes and condominiums, individually designed, blend naturally with terrain and coloration. Privacy and views result from allowing the natural environment to guide design rather than allowing the developer to rework the site. This is the harmony.  

Tennis, pool and sauna facilities are centrally located for the enjoyment of all members and guests. A beach house, serving summer lunches, and a fleet of paddle boards and kayaks are located at the water's edge. In-house property management team provide L'Arbre Croche members unparalleled service and ease of ownership.

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Music And Art

Nature inspires art. L’Arbre Croche attracts artists and fosters an environment that opens the senses to art. The development itself is an art project with artistic principles of modernism, conforming to the natural environment, maximizing views and creating privacy for families. It is a place for music. From its earliest gatherings with the legendary Keelhaulers and northern Michigan's iconic Jelly Roll Blues Band the community embraces song and dance. The L'Arbre Croche beach has become a favorite concert venue for these incredible musicians:

Fond Memories at L’Arbre Croche

The Development Years

As remembered by Bill Petzold, an excerpt from L'Arbre Croche Club: The First 25 Years

"It was sometime after I had joined Bob's (Aikens) company that he started talking to me about land that he had recently acquired near Harbor Springs, and I still feel a sense of excitement when I recall the first time I laid my eyes on the property that was to become L'Arbre Croche.

It was February, 1969 when I drove north with Ann & Bob Aikens and met Bob Swanson to inspect the property. We parked our cars on the shoulder of M131 (now M119) and searched for traces of the old logging trail, which was the only path through a very dense and hilly forest that would lead us to the beach. Tracking through three feet of snow up and down hills, I was enthralled with the beauty of this magnificent forest. Bob Swanson explained how the road system would flow through the varying terrain. I wish I could relate the awe I felt that day when I first climbed to the top of the dune and viewed the bay. It was as beautiful a sight as I have ever seen and to this day it is a thrill for me every time I look onto Little Traverse Bay....The deed restrictions set the tone for the development - to preserve the natural beauty of the site to the greatest extent possible and to have the structures relate to the natural environment.

It was our objective to have the property as beautiful to walk through when the development was completed as it was that February day in 1969 when I first walked the old logging trail."

What's Nearby?

Just minutes away, within a scenic six mile radius, you'll find the finest in golf, skiing and fishing, marinas, as well as many outstanding restaurants and shops of both Harbor Springs and Petoskey.

300 Miles of Bike Paths

Top of Michigan Trails Council manages a network of trails including the Little Traverse Wheelway which passes through L’Arbre Croche for direct access.

300 Miles of Bike Paths

Top of Michigan Trails Council manages a network of trails including the Little Traverse Wheelway which passes through L’Arbre Croche for direct access.

Protected Borders

Menonaqua Woods and Round Lake Nature Preserves buffer L'Arbre Croche's north and east borders.  To the south the State Park Forest and to the west nothing but Wide Open Seas.  

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